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Dr Spiros Marollas

Phone: 9562 5868
Mobile: 0412 690 639
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Operating Hours

Monday - Friday : 8AM - 8PM
Saturday : 8AM - 2PM
Sunday: 10AM - 12PM

Why Us

With today's busy lifestyle and longer work hours, it is hard to find the time to bring your pet to the local vet. It is a time consuming and a stressful ordeal for many pets and their owners, especially with the older or sick patients. Puppies and kittens with lower immunity and who are not fully up to date with their vaccinations are also at risk of being exposed to other sick patients in the waiting room contracting an illness or fleas from other dogs in the waiting room.

By us coming to you, it is more convenient, quite affordable, reduces your pet's stress, as well as waiting time and it is more comfortable for your pet to be examined in its own surroundings.